The Constitution of the State of Wyoming

Wyoming Constitution front cover 800x1200This handy reference contains the full text of the Wyoming State Constitution. Whether you’re studying the state government or you just want to read the document upon which all of Wyoming’s laws rest, this is the guide for you.

The text contained in this book is taken from the Wyoming Legislature, as published on the official Wyoming Legislature website as of July 01, 2016. Except for headings, all capitalization and punctuation are as published by the state.

This book is intended only for reference and education for the citizens of Wyoming, and is not to be used for official legislative or judicial purposes.

The book also includes facts about the State of Wyoming, including state symbols, motto, size, and population.


Paperback (ISBN9781945110108) $7.99
6″x9″ 86 pages
Pub Date September, 2017

All prices are in US dollars and will vary in other countries.


Wyoming Fast Facts
Article 1. Declaration of Rights
Article 2. Distribution of Powers
Article 3. Legislative Department
Article 4. Executive Department
Article 5. Judicial Department
Article 6. Suffrage and Elections
Article 7. Education
Article 8. Irrigation and Water Rights
Article 9. Mines and Mining
Article 10. Corporations
Article 11. Boundaries
Article 12. County Organization
Article 13. Municipal Corporations
Article 14. Public Officers
Article 15. Taxation and Revenue
Article 16. Public Indebtedness
Article 17. State Militia
Article 18. Public Lands and Donations
Article 19. Miscellaneous
Article 20. Amendments
Article 21. Schedule

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