Desdemona Gunn

Gwendolyn Desdemona Mercutio Gunn is the author of the Biomancer Quintet, a transhumanist fantasy series. Biomancy, the first book in the series, came out in 2016, and the second book, Bioenhancement is scheduled for November of 2017. She also writes short fiction as it suits her, reviews both movies, television, and sometimes video games when they come upon her and the mood strikes her, and periodically blogs about whatever comes to mind.

Desdemona was born in California, but doesn’t remember a thing about it, being raised in Montana. She currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Journalism and is putting it to use writing fantasy. She is openly gender-fluid and trangendered (MtF).

Desdemona’s Books from Proseyr Publishing

Biomancy front cover 800x1200

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