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The Constitution of the State of Colorado is the latest in our constitution series. It contains the unabridged, unedited text of Colorado’s Constitution, along with some fast facts about the Centennial State. The Wyoming and California constitutions will also be coming out in the next few months, and the updated Montana edition is available now.


Biomancy by Desdemona Gunn is the first book in the Biomancer Quintet, a transhumanist fantasy with a predominantly female cast of characters. If you use magic to restore your humanity, do you become more human, or do you end up sacrificing exactly what you were trying to rebuild?

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For Amber Waves: A novel of Merritt by Randolph Tracy introduces the sheriff’s department of Merritt, Montana. When a dead woman on a lonely ridge becomes part of a much more complex and far-reaching case, Sheriff Buchanan needs all the help he can get—from his deputies and from less traditional sources as well.

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Montana Native is that reflects the rich heritage of the state from Barrie Boulds, a chef who grew up in Montana. It has traditional Native American recipes, country comfort food, and unique recipes like Rattlesnake Cakes and Roasted Beaver.

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