Realtime Broadcast Captioning & CART Services

Kathy Robson has been providing realtime broadcast closed captioning services for over 30 years. Her television stenocaptioning highlights center around national & local news and a wide variety of sports. Her favorites are baseball and football, but she’s captioned basketball, soccer, golf, winter olympics, summer olympics, and much more.

Recently, she’s been providing realtime services in educational settings for deaf and hard-of-hearing college students around the United States at a number of different colleges. She also does conferences and meetings. She is equipped to send her realtime captions to everything from television networks to Jumbotrons, and regularly works with Zoom and a variety of other online conferencing systems.

For more details on her experience, see Kathy’s LinkedIn profile.

Nonprofit Communications & Grant Writing

Gary Robson is a prolific author with 29 published books. He is a storyteller with extensive nonprofit experience, from board member to Executive Director to employee to volunteer. Gary offers nonprofit communication consulting services through Proseyr, including grant writing, annual reports, website design, video editing, voiceovers, press releases, and social media.

Most recently, Gary served as Executive Director for Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge, Montana. He has recently worked with the American Sanctuary Association (web design), Red Lodge Proud & Beautiful (advertising), and has worked with over a dozen nonprofits in total.

Gary’s website has more details on his books and nonprofit consulting services.