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Randy ponies cover draftby Randolph Tracy

Merritt, Montana is a small town in a large county. Sheriff Buchanan and his team are used to long uneventful days under the big sky, punctuated by the occasional hunting accident or robbery. At first, it appears that the dead woman found on a lonely ridge could be an accident, but the farther they investigate, the stranger the case gets.

Used to working by themselves, the sheriff’s department must work with a diverse cast of law enforcement—and less traditional assistance—to solve a case that’s anything but mundane.

Randolph Tracy’s debut novel is more than just a mystery; it is a loving depiction of Montana’s wilderness, a painstakingly researched journey into the functioning of small-town law enforcement, and a testament to the value of teamwork.



Paperback (ISBN 9781945110030) $16.99
6″x9″ 280 pages
Pub Date September 2016

Kindle $7.99
Pub Date September 2016

Apple iBook $7.99
Pub Date September 2016

All prices are in US dollars and will vary in other countries.

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