Gary D. Robson

Button-Robson-author photosGary Robson is an author and owner of a bookstore in the booming metropolis of Red Lodge, Montana, population 2,300. He has written over two dozen books, entries for two dictionaries, stories for anthologies, and hundreds of magazine, newspaper, and web articles (and that’s not counting blog posts!).

He started out in the technology world and became a vocal advocate of closed captioning on television for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. In his endless quest to figure out what he’s going to be when he grows up, he has been granted a couple of patents, teamed up with family members to start an electronics business and a software business, run a small newspaper and a bookstore, taught computer science, written 20 books about poop, raised some cattle, done a little standup comedy, put on seminars all over the country, given a TEDx talk, and competed in rodeos.

Luckily for him, Gary’s wife and kids are good at smiling tolerantly and putting up with him.

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Gary’s Books from Proseyr Publishing

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