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The Constitution of the State of Wyoming is the latest in our constitution series. It contains the unabridged, unedited text of Wyoming’s Constitution, along with some fast facts about the Centennial State. The Utah constitution came out earlier this year.


Bioenhancement by Desdemona Gunn is the second book in the Biomancer Quintet, a transhumanist fantasy with a predominantly female cast of characters. Bioenhancement deals with the fallout from the ambitious actions in Biomancy. Ties are broken and pacts are made, forging alliances in a war no one wanted and that no one can really win.

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For Amber Waves: A novel of Merritt by Randolph Tracy introduces the sheriff’s department of Merritt, Montana. When a dead woman on a lonely ridge becomes part of a much more complex and far-reaching case, Sheriff Buchanan needs all the help he can get—from his deputies and from less traditional sources as well.

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